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Cave Castle Luegg


Small virtual tour around and in the Luegg ruins near Teufenbach in Styria.
The images are high resolution with all-round visibility in all directions. Change zoom, image section with mouse or touchscreen. Double-clicking or clicking on the symbol at the bottom right switches to full view and back again.

Help for the tour

The virtual tour is best experienced in full screen (double click on the image or click on the button at the bottom right), on a large PC monitor with headphones or speakers. Simple reconstructions of the former building structure become visible under the mouse cursor (or when touching the touchscreen). Small details are pointed out using information symbols.
At the top right, an orientation plan and/or a map can be activated, at the right edge the music can be set to mute, a compass can be hidden or shown and switched to English.
If you activate the home button at the top of the screen, you get to the aerial photo/overview and back again.
The tour, like all the others, can be experienced with VR glasses such as a Quest 3. Without additional software – simply enter the URL of this page in the browser of the glasses, activate the VR button that is then visible there – done.

The castle had a visual connection to the magnificent Steinschloss castle, a high-altitude castle whose well-preserved remains are clearly visible from here. Just turn around in the picture and look over the Murtal valley. The location of the castle is marked by an information symbol.–seltene-hoehlenburgen.html

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