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Castles Pernegg (Upper and Lower Castle)

VR glasses compatible (e.g. Quest 3)


Ruine Pernegg - a castle that was already in ruins before 1700, as can be seen in the engraving by Georg Matthäus Vischer. Today the complex is completely overgrown, there is no official recognizable access route and it feels like a small – personal – journey of discovery there.
Actually there are two ruins. The larger ruins further back and above and a much smaller 'Lower Castle' or 'Untere Burg' which is even more hidden in the forest.
Those 'Niedere Veste' can be viewed as an outer bailey or alternatively as an older, independent complex. Man don't know exactly. And that is hardly surprising, because this 'Forgotten Castle' is hardly mentioned anywhere in history and apparently Vischer either did not notice it around 1680 or deliberately did not sketch it.
ch The upper ruin has a special feature: heavily developed fortifications in the north along the former access road to the castle gate. The last remnants of wood from the residential building are also interesting: the attachments of the former wooden room lining embedded in the wall have been preserved. Remains of the castle chapel are at least visible. A depression in the ground indicates the location of the water supply.

The complex is situated in a warm and sunny location, with wild ivy climbing up some of the walls.

Help for the tour

The virtual tour is best experienced in full screen (double click on the image or click on the button at the bottom right), on a large PC monitor with headphones or speakers. Simple reconstructions of the former building structure become visible under the mouse cursor (or when touching the touchscreen). Small details are pointed out using information symbols.
At the top right, an orientation plan and/or a map can be activated, at the right edge the music can be set to mute, a compass can be hidden or shown and switched to English.
If you activate the home button at the top of the screen, you get to the aerial photo/overview and back again.
The tour, like all the others, can be experienced with VR glasses such as a Quest 3. Without additional software – simply enter the URL of this page in the browser of the glasses, activate the VR button that is then visible there – done.

Georg Matthäus Vischer around 1680. In the foreground is the newer Pernegg Castle, the ruins in the background are the Upper Pernegg ruins. The Lower Castle in front of it and further down is completely missing here. A forgotten castle perhaps even back then.

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