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Castle Ruins in VR

There are enough sites on the internet which describe Austrian castles and ruins. There you will find information about their history and construction. On this website the focus is on experiencing and being there and perhaps discovering one or two details yourself.

A few years ago most of the ruins were freely accessible without any problems. Not so today. This is also what the virtual visits here are intended for – best experienced comfortably and without danger in virtual reality.

The tours are each designed to be interactive and most of them contain small additional information. The images are high resolution with visibility in all directions. Change zoom, image section with mouse or touchscreen. Double-clicking or clicking on the symbol at the bottom right switches to full view and back again. Headphones or at least having the sound on is highly recommended. However, viewing on a smartphone is not recommended. The monitor is simply too small for that.

Further virtual tours follow at irregular intervals, existing ones receive updates from time to time.


The locations can be experienced with VR glasses such as the Quest 2 or Quest 3. This means you are really on site and right in the middle of it all!
Open the page with the web browser available in the glasses (no additional software required) and activate the button with the glasses on it.


  • Re-editing of all existing tours (compass, maps, better tour guidance, English translation…).
  • In planning: ruins of Alt-Leonroth


Comments, errors, and suggestions are welcome. Simply write and send, preferably anonymously. For spam reasons, these are checked before publication and only released afterwards.

Ready made tours

  • The tours can be accessed directly via the map:
  • Or through the link above the pictures:

To the VR-Tour Castle Reifenstein
Everything that belongs to a real 'knight's castle' is there. Great location.

To the VR-Tour Castle Neu-Leonroth
A romantic ruin almost like in a fairy tale.

To the VR-Tour Chateau Schrattenberg
Not a former castle but a baroque palace that burned down over 100 years ago.

To the VR-Tour Castle Luegg
Very rare - a castle in a cave.

To the VR-Tour Castle Offenburg
Ancient small castle ruins that burned down 500 years ago.

To the VR-Tour Castle Altwildon & Neuwildon
Popular excursion destination near Wildon.

To the VR-Tour Castle Waldstein
One of the two ruins that can be seen very well from the highway towards St. Michael.

To the VR-Tour Castle Hungerturm
The second of the two ruins that can be seen very well from the highway in the direction St. Michael.

To the VR-Tour Castle Pfannberg
An almost romantic ruin with no access restrictions near Frohnleiten.

To the VR-Tour Castle Pernegg
Actually two former castles, freely accessible if you go on a personal journey of discovery.

To the VR-Tour Castle Tschakathurn
A building as strange as it's name.

To the VR-Tour Castle Katsch
Large complex but highly endangered with a well-preserved Gothic chapel.

To the VR-Tour Castle Henneburg
Hardly more than a few stones hidden in the forest. But still worth a visit.


This website was created less out of a historical interest, but rather by chance through a creative approach and the desire to get involved in new topics (digital photography and the associated new possibilities of presentation). It is currently my small personal project in which a lot of time, effort and costs have been invested so far.
As a side effect an image documentation of Styrian castle ruins has been created by chance. Maybe someone else will find this useful in the event.

Nevertheless, I am very concerned about correctness. Research and familiarization with all objects presented is the rule. Suggestions for improvement, whether geographical, historical or technical, are always welcome.

Each of the locations is visited exclusively by public transport and bicycle; I deliberately avoid using my own car. Simply to combine two nice topics – activity and creativity. So if you actually see someone with a Brompton folding bike at a castle ruin - there's a good chance it's me.

The raw material is processed with two of the best software packages on the market - PTGUI and PANO2VR in the latest edition.

And yes - the text here (at least the german version of it) in boxed sentences may read a bit unusually bumpy. But I like it - and since it's my little project, that's just how it is. If you want and take some time and leisure, you can also immerse yourself in the visual world, additionally equipped with headphones or with VR glasses 🙂

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