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Castle Tschakathurn

VR glasses compatible (e.g. Quest 3)


Tschakathurn – a small and somewhat strange-looking castle ruin. As strange as the name. If you don't know anything about her, you just drive past her on the road from Scheifling to Neumarkt without noticing her. It was first mentioned in a document in 1299, burned down in 1792 and has not been inhabited since. The small castle served as a checkpoint on the important transport connection to and from Carinthia.

Worth seeing: the very well-preserved fireplace, the partially preserved ceilings of the stone vaults and generally the somewhat unusual, bustling whole.

Die teils seltsame Farbegebung der Bilder in der Tour ist kein Fotofehler. Sie ist der Tatsache geschuldet, dass die Ruine Tschakathurn genau in den Tagen mit Föhnwetterlage und massivem Saharastaub abgelichte.

Help for the tour

The virtual tour is best experienced in full screen (double click on the image or click on the button at the bottom right), on a large PC monitor with headphones or speakers. Simple reconstructions of the former building structure become visible under the mouse cursor (or when touching the touchscreen). Small details are pointed out using information symbols.
At the top right, an orientation plan and/or a map can be activated, at the right edge the music can be set to mute, a compass can be hidden or shown and switched to English.
If you activate the home button at the top of the screen, you get to the aerial photo/overview and back again.
The tour, like all the others, can be experienced with VR glasses such as a Quest 3. Without additional software – simply enter the URL of this page in the browser of the glasses, activate the VR button that is then visible there – done.

Tschakathurn um 1680 von Georg Matthäus Vischer. Bei Vischer nicht unüblich: wichtige und große Besitzungen wurden mit feiner Linie und detailiert festgehalten, kleinere oft nur grob und etwas plump.