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Castle Henneburg

VR glasses compatible (e.g. Quest 3)

Ruins of castle Henneberg or Henneburg is a very hidden and very small ruin near Deutschfeistritz or Bösebach. Not much has been preserved. This is because this fortification (first mentioned in 1145) was abandoned in 1319. Enough time for the almost complete disappearance. The building era can also be recognized by the type of walls. In contrast to later buildings, walls like this one were built with regular, rectangular stone blocks. Later this elaborate method was abandoned and simply irregularly shaped quarry stones were used.

It is interesting that this Romanesque complex - because it is so early abandoned again - never has been changed. A rather rare example of a small Romanesque castle from the High Middle Ages - the heyday of knights and minstrels and the time of a general upswing. Better-preserved castle complexes were usually redesigned in a Gothic style to suit the subsequent building era expanded. And now and then even further towards the Baroque period, if the complex was still inhabited and used.

What this now more or less disappeared castle might have looked like? A virtual visit to the Waldstein ruins is worthwhile For that.


The Tour

Today's ruins consist of little more than a few walls - and so the virtual tour feels more like a walk in the forest. The pictures were taken in June 2024.

Help for the tour

The virtual tour is best experienced in full screen (double click on the image or click on the button at the bottom right), on a large PC monitor with headphones or speakers. Simple reconstructions of the former building structure become visible under the mouse cursor (or when touching the touchscreen). Small details are pointed out using information symbols.
At the top right, an orientation plan and/or a map can be activated, at the right edge the music can be set to mute, a compass can be hidden or shown and switched to English.
If you activate the home button at the top of the screen, you get to the aerial photo/overview and back again.
The tour, like all the others, can be experienced with VR glasses such as a Quest 3. Without additional software – simply enter the URL of this page in the browser of the glasses, activate the VR button that is then visible there – done.

The few remains of the Hennburg 2024. Here is the best-preserved part - the south-facing section of the curtain wall. As a rule, here on this website there is normally the usual older depiction from around 1680 by Georg Matthäus Vischer, who, among other things, depicted all the notable fortifications in Styria. The Henneburg is missing - certainly because it had already been in ruins for a long time and was of no further importance.